De Jezuïetenberg

Let us take you on a underground Journey

De Jezuïetenberg

A unique subterranean museum in the Cannerberg, a protected national monument since 1996.

Located on the outskirts of Maastricht, Limburg, in the Netherlands, close to the Belgium border; one of the most beautifully decorated limestone quarries in the world can be found.


The Beginning

The mining of Fallenberg quarry started many centuries ago when limestone was first used as a building materiel.
It is thanks to the Jesuit priests of Maastricht that we now have this unique underground museum in the corridors of the Cannerberg.

Between the years of 1860 and 1960 Jesuits scholars and theologians spent a great deal of their leisure time, on their Wednesdays off, in the quarry.

They created charcoal drawings, coloured paintings, sculptures and statues resulting in a unique collection of art pieces, well worthwhile visiting!


Refter Leonard

The Jesuits also had a refectory in the mountain where they could eat and drink something in between or after the work. In 1998, the board of the Jesuits Foundation decided to make a new refectory in the corridors so that visitors have the opportunity to use it for a small fee.
It is possible to stay with 10 to 60 people before or after a tour in the refectory for a while while enjoying a self-brought snack and / or drink.

Dozens of burning candles will create a special atmosphere. There is water and electricity available. The refectory can only be rented in combination with a guided tour.

€ 45,- group up to 20 people

€ 55,- group up to 40 people

€ 65,- group up to 60 people

All prices are per hour!

Monthly picture


Reservation information for guided group tours:

Please take note of the following before making a reservation!
• Tour duration 1,5 hours.
• The price per person is €8.00.
• A different rate applies for a tour for groups of 40 people or more.
• Between Monday and Friday inclusively, after reservation, guided tours will take place at the time you requested.
• On Saturday’s guided tours are possible at fixed times only starting 10.00/12.00/14.00 and 16.00 hours.
• We are closed on Sundays.
• The fee for the use of the refectory (one hour) for 1 group (max 20 persons) is € 45,00. For each extra group of 20 persons € 10,00 extra. For terms and conditions regarding the use of the refectory please see below on this website.
• Pets, with exception of guide dogs, are not permitted.
• Access for wheelchairs to the quarry is difficult, so guidance of 2 persons is necessary.

There are 2 methods of making a reservation:
• By telephone to the Administration for Guided Tours 0031(0)433213488 or 0031(0)630546526 
• By email. Reservations must be completed at least one week in advance.
• Last-minute cancellations can only be made via 0031(0)630546526.

For e-mail reservations please complete the form below.

Reservation information individual tour:

From now on it is also possible to visit the mountain individually on every Saturday at 4 p.m. It does not matter if you are alone or with more. You must indicate this when booking. 

You must know this before you make a reservation!
• Tour duration 1.5 hours
• The price per person is €8.00.
• Only appropriate, cash payment is possible. The guides have no change.
• the individual tours are only in the Dutch language!

Please use the form below!

Reservation form:

Attention: Reservations on the following days are not possible: 

Carnival: Sunday, February 11 to Tuesday, February 13, 2024
Easter: March 31 and April 1, 2024
Ascension day: May 9 to May 12, 2024
Pentecost: May 19 and 20, 2024
Christmas and New Year: Monday December 23 to Thursday January 1, 2025

Last-minute cancellations can only be made via 0031(0)630546526.
For are other questions about the Jesuits caves you can call number
0031(0)433213488 or 0031(0)6 305 46 526.

Adres and directions

Von Dopfflaan 4, 6213 NG Maastricht.
Attention! Recently the street name has been changed to Von Dopfflaan 4, 6213 NG  Maastricht. It is possible that your route planner does not yet know this address. Then enter the old address: Cannerweg 792, 6213 NB  Maastricht.

Coming from Maastricht::
Follow the road signs to Kanne via the Bieslanderweg (1), which becomes the Cannerweg (2). You leave the city and continue on the Cannerweg through the beautiful Jekerdal (3). After a kilometer, just behind the house group and in front of the Neercanne castle, go up the narrow asphalt road on the right (4). After a hundred meters, the parking is on your left. There is a short staircase in the left corner of this parking that takes you to the entrance of the Jezuïetenberg via a short path (5).

Coming from Belgium via Kanne
Driving out of Kanne via the Cannerweg in the direction of Maastricht. You will pass Neercanne Castle, which is on your left. Two hundred meters past the castle, go up the 2nd narrow asphalt road on the left (6). After a hundred meters you will find the parking on your left. There is a staircase in the left corner of this parking that takes you to the entrance of the Jezuïetenberg via a short path (5).